Bilateral cooperation

To strengthen the Swiss economy, Innosuisse funds and supports open-topic bilateral and multilateral cooperation. As such, it supports the active exchange of knowledge and ideas within the European Research Area and beyond.      

Cooperation agreements are currently in place with Brasil, South Korea, Canada and Sweden.  


International projects with Brasil

The Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial (EMBRAPII) and Innosuisse work together to support international innovation projects implemented by partners from Brasil and Switzerland. Research institutions and companies have the opportunity to submit funding applications in regular calls for proposals. This partnership boosts knowledge and technology transfer and makes both countries more competitive.

International projects by partners in South Korea and Switzerland

Since 2013 (declaration of intent between the two agencies) KIAT and Innosuisse have built up their international cooperation by issuing joint calls for proposal for science-based innovation projects implemented by partners from Switzerland and South Korea by pooling the funding opportunities of all institutions.


Promotion of Canada – Switzerland cooperation

Canada and Switzerland, via NRC-IRAP and Innosuisse, in recognition of the 2018 Science, Technology & Innovation declaration signed between the countries, have agreed to deepen promotion of Canada-Switzerland participation in Eurostars via dedicated partner search.


Cooperation between Switzerland and Sweden

Switzerland and Sweden face common challenges in their high-tech industries. Both countries need to be constantly innovative and improve their production systems to maintain a solid domestic industrial base. Being two of the world leaders in innovation, Switzerland and Sweden form natural partners in tackling these tasks.

In 2013 both countries initiated the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative SWII. SWII is an industrial R&D partnering program with the objective to increase market oriented high-technology R&D projects between Switzerland and Sweden. SWII gathers the most technology intensive MNEs, SMEs and academia two to three times a year and issues bilateral calls for R&D project proposals within EUREKA & Eurostars.

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