Bilateral cooperation: innovation projects across the globe

Are the perfect partners for your innovation project distributed across the globe? Innosuisse offers you the opportunity to develop existing contacts or establish new ones worldwide and co-finances bilateral, science-based innovation projects.

Innosuisse organises matchmaking opportunities, networking events and calls for proposals with its strategic partner agencies in the respective countries. Bilateral calls are launched annually. Successful funding applications are jointly supported, with each agency funding the applicants in its own country.


Who is the offer aimed at?

The following organisations can apply to Innosuisse for funding for bilateral innovation projects:

  • Swiss companies or other private or public organisations as implementation partner;
  • together with at least one Swiss or international research partner and at least one implementation partner from the partner country.
  • As a Swiss start-up before market entry, you can also submit project proposals without a research partner if the funding rules of the partner country allow it. The composition of consortia in the partner country is subject to the respective funding conditions of the partner agency.

Cooperation agreements with strategic partner agencies are currently in place in:


Submit application

As a Swiss company, end-user organisation or other implementation partner you collaborate with a Swiss or international research institution and would like to learn about bilateral innovation promotion, network with the innovation ecosystem in the corresponding countries, scout for new collaboration opportunities and engage in a collaborative innovation project with international partners.

Requirements for submitting an application

The specific requirements for submitting an application are negotiated with the partner agencies of Innosuisse and may vary from country to country. They are published in call guidelines on the call overview. The consortium must therefore include at least one Swiss company or other implementation partner and one Swiss or international research institution.

As a rule, such projects last between 18 and 36 months. The financial limit is specific to each call. Please refer to the guidelines for the respective call. Innosuisse covers a maximum of 70 percent of the project costs of Swiss participants.

Since 2023, Innosuisse is able to make direct project contributions to companies in bilateral innovation projects:

Submit the application

The submission of the application follows the same procedure as Swiss innovation projects with implementation partners. As additional mandatory elements, applicants must submit:

  • the document describing the international project as an attachment to the application;
  • a draft of the consortium agreement between the partners, including a draft of the intellectual property rights (IPR);
  • all necessary financial documents.


Evaluation and decision

The evaluation of an application for a bilateral cooperation and the decision follow the same procedure as for Swiss innovation projects with implementation partners. In addition, bilateral projects are only approved if Innosuisse and its partner agency accept the application for funding. If either Innosuisse or its partner agency rejects the corresponding funding applications, the entire application for the bilateral innovation project is rejected.


Sign contracts and start your project / Additional requirement

The signing of the contract and start of the bilateral innovation project follow the same procedure as for Swiss innovation projects with implementation partners. However, Innosuisse will not release the first tranche for bilateral projects until the consortium agreement is available. As an additional element, bilateral projects require a consortium agreement including all partners of the international project, including foreign partners.

All subsequent processes, namely:

are fully aligned with the processes for Swiss innovation projects with implementation partners.

Other support offers

> As an SME, do you need help developing your project?
As a small or medium-sized enterprise (up to 250 full-time equivalents), you can apply for support from Innosuisse for an innovation mentor.

> As an SME, do you need help finding an international project partner?
As an SME, you can take advantage of the free support offered by an advisor from the Enterprise Europe network (EEN).

> Would you like to carry out an innovation project with Swiss partners only?
Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects carried out by Swiss companies, SMEs, start-ups and other private or public organisations together with Swiss research partners.


Last modification 01.05.2024

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Bilateral cooperation coordinator

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Patent research

End of free services with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)

The patent search services previously offered free of charge to Innosuisse applicants via the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property have been discontinued.

However, costs associated with research into intellectual property issues may still be covered as part of the direct project costs chargeable for approved applications from the following funding schemes:

  • Innovation projects with or without partners
  • Innovation projects for start-ups
  • Swiss Accelerator