New scale-up coaching for start-ups

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Apply for new scale-up coaching for start-ups

Have you been experiencing significant growth for your business? The new scale-up coaching programme aims to assist you in boosting this growth. The voucher of up to CHF 75,000 is intended to support companies that are active in a scientific field, already employ at least five full-time staff and have a very high growth potential.

Call for projects in digitalisation


New digitalisation Call

To remain one of the leading countries in the development of digital technologies, Innosuisse decided to launch a call for innovation projects in the field of digitalisation. The call pursues two lines: Highly innovative ideas with a high potential impact on value creation for Swiss economy and society and follow-up projects of successful CTI or Innosuisse projects leading to the product industrialisation.  

Information on upcoming NTN call


NTN information event

The modernised concept of the National Thematic Networks (NTN) will be presented shortly. The new focus of the networks will be of particular benefit to SMEs seeking to gain a competitive advantage by working with partners along the value chain and tapping into university-level expertise, skills and technologies. Are you interested? Then register for the information events on 15 or 22 November 2019.

Success Stories


Examples of projects supported by Innosuisse

From digital technologies to architectural initiatives, the areas in which Innosuisse provides support are vast. This year, several projects are on the verge of completion or are well on the way to being implemented. Researchers, CEOs and young entrepreneurs alike all have the same goal – launch their idea in the market. Here are some examples showing how they have achieved this.  

You can become a CEO with Innosuisse

We support entrepreneurial thinking through targeted training and offer personalised coaching to start-ups and those interested in setting up a business.

Innosuisse helps leverage your innovation

Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects. From preliminary studies right through to projects without implementation partners – your start-up opportunities are manifold.

Gaining a foothold in the international market with Innosuisse

We help companies work together across national borders and start-ups who want to gain a foothold in the international market. 

Consulting and networking

We support networks and events in key innovation fields. Our innovation mentors help you kick-start your innovation project.

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Press releases


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Innosuisse Analytics

Analytics is Innosuisse’s platform for submitting and managing applications. Project partners and start-ups can submit new applications or edit existing ones, while Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.



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