Innosuisse experts


Election of Innosuisse experts for the 2021-2024 period

Innosuisse has elected its experts. The term of office of the people currently in office ends on 31 December 2020. The majority of the experts have been hired for the period 2021-2024.

Flagship Initiative


The Flagship Initiative – a new funding instrument from Innosuisse

Innosuisse is launching a new funding instrument in January 2021 – the Flagship Initiative. Alois Zwinggi, Chairman of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse, explains in an interview what it is and at whom it is targeted.

Webinar for the Impulse programme


Webinar on the Impulse programme

Do you have questions about the impulse programme “Power of Innovation Switzerland”? Innosuisse invites you to a webinar taking place on 16 December in order to provide detailed information and to answer your questions. The webinar will be held in English, you may ask your questions in German, French or English. Register now!

Impulse programme "Power of Innovation Switzerland"

Impulse programme Innosuisse

Impulse programme «Power of Innovation Switzerland»

The Federal Council has approved the launch of the impulse programme "Power of Innovation Switzerland" by Innosuisse. By easing the financial conditions for project funding, companies are to maintain their innovative power during the times of Covid-19. Further information will be available on our website at the end of November. A webinar will take place on 16.12.2020.

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Support innovation: an example

Support instruments

Innosuisse supports science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society through: innovation projects, support for start-ups, internationalisation and networking support.

Guide for finding the right support offer

Innosuisse Guide

The Innosuisse Guide helps you find the right support offer in just a few steps. From individual advice through to national and international networking opportunities and financial support.

Submit an application

Gesuch eingeben mit Analytics

Innosuisse Analytics Tool

Analytics is Innosuisse’s platform for submitting applications. Project partners and start-ups can submit new applications, while Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.

Support domains of Innosuisse

Innosuisse - Start and grow your business

You can become a CEO with Innosuisse

We support entrepreneurial thinking through targeted training and offer personalised coaching to start-ups and those interested in setting up a business.

Innosuisse - Start your innovation project

Innosuisse helps leverage your innovation

Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects. From preliminary studies right through to projects without implementation partners – your start-up opportunities are manifold.

Gaining a foothold in the international market with Innosuisse

We help companies work together across national borders and start-ups who want to gain a foothold in the international market. 

Consulting and networking

We support networks and events in key innovation fields. Our innovation mentors help you kick-start your innovation project.