The new Innovation Boosters have started

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The new Innovation Boosters have started

20.06.2024                                                                  The 8 new Innovation Boosters began in January 2024. These initiatives promote radical innovation in Switzerland through open activities. Join an Innovation Booster and participate in their workshops and events.

New Innosuisse CEO appointed


New Innosuisse CEO appointed

The new director of Innosuisse is Dominique Gruhl-Bégin. The Federal Council approved her appointment by the Innosuisse Board on 15 May 2024. Ms Gruhl-Bégin will take over the position from 12 August 2024. The current director, Annalise Eggimann, is stepping down for reasons of age.

Scale-up Award


22 Swiss start-ups ready for scaling

22 start-ups have received the Innosuisse Scale-up Award. They can now access the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme to further accelerate their growth with support of specialised Innosuisse coaches.

Support offers

The focus of promotion activities at Innosuisse is to support innovation projects between companies and research institutes. These projects can be implemented between national partners.

Innosuisse also supports innovation projects between companies and research institutes at the international level. These projects can be carried out with international partners.

With its offerings in the areas of networking and knowledge transfer, Innosuisse stimulates the creation of innovative ideas and fosters the development of promising innovation projects.

Follow the guide

Innosuisse Guide

The Innosuisse Guide helps you find the right support offer in just a few steps. From individual advice through to national and international networking opportunities and financial support.

Submit an application

Application platform Innosuisse

The platforms Innolink and Analytics are used to submit and manage applications to Innosuisse. Project partners and start-ups can submit applications. Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.

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