Bilateral projects with Sweden

Innosuisse cooperates with the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) to promote the use of new technologies and innovations in joint collaboration projects. Innosuisse and Vinnova have signed a cooperation agreement in Stockholm on 14 June 2021.

The objective of this agreement is to enhance collaboration between Swiss and Swedish knowledge-based institutions and industry, to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, to establish sustainable partnerships and to increase business development opportunities.

Support for Swiss-Swedish projects

Innosuisse and Vinnova intends to intensify the existing cooperation in the fields of technology and innovation, by promotion and support of Swiss-Swedish partnerships within the framework of EUREKA Clusters, EUREKA Network projects, Eurostars, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the Swish-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII).

The network initiative “SWII” allows joint events where SMEs, large companies and research institutions from both countries exchange information on their ideas for new innovative solutions in the fields of biotechnology and medical technology, digital solutions and novel materials. Innosuisse and Vinnova escort event participants to flesh out the ideas with partners from both countries for an identified call under this cooperation to build Swiss-Swedish partnerships in research and development (R&D) projects.


The main objective of these partnerships is to raise the level of technological proficiency and innovation capabilities of companies and research organisations in both countries. Thus, enabling the companies to increase their competitive advantage through the development of new products, improved technical processes or services.

Scope of the Innosuisse and Vinnova Cooperation

It is the responsibility of Innosuisse and Vinnova to seek collaborative R&D projects which will result in products, technical processes or services that are significantly different from already available products, technical processes or services. These innovations must offer added value to the economy, society, or the environment.

Furthermore, Innosuisse and Vinnova fosters cooperation between Swiss and Swedish companies and research organisations to promote exchanges of knowledge and expertise, establishment of lasting partnerships and increase market expansion opportunities.

Cooperation implementation

Together, Innosuisse and Vinnova jointly determine the processes and procedures for the promotion of this cooperation, which is mainly through the network initiative “SWII” and annual calls for proposals. The call announcements, evaluation of funding applications and the monitoring of Swiss-Swedish R&D projects are also jointly coordinated.

Duration of the agreement

This agreement is valid for a period of three years unless earlier terminated by either Innosuisse or Vinnova in writing at least three months prior to the termination. Any termination shall not affect the validity or duration of any ongoing projects or activities that have been initiated prior to the termination.

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