Bilateral projects with Brazil

Innosuisse cooperates with the Brazilian innovation agency to promote joint innovation projects. Innosuisse and Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa e Inovação Industrial (EMBRAPII) have been supporting bilateral projects as part of a cooperation agreement since 2019.

The objective is to encourage collaboration between Swiss and Brazilian companies and research organisations to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, to establish sustainable partnerships and to increase business development opportunities. This enables companies to expand their competitive advantage by developing new products, improving technical processes or devising solutions. These innovations must offer added value for the economy, society or the environment.

Support for Swiss-Brazilian innovation projects

Innosuisse and EMBRAPII promote cooperation between companies, research institutions and other entities from Switzerland and Brazil in the fields of technology and innovation. Swiss-Brazilian innovation projects are promoted within the framework of annual bilateral calls for projects and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) for partner matchmaking.

The evaluation of funding applications and reporting for Swiss-Brazilian innovation projects are also coordinated jointly.

Duration of the agreement

The cooperation agreement will remain in force until Innosuisse or EMBRAPII terminates it in writing. Any termination will not affect the validity or duration of any ongoing projects or activities.

Last modification 20.12.2022

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Bilateral cooperation

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