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Innosuisse wants to measure the effectiveness of its support in a targeted manner. Since March 2021, the analysis of the impact of innovation projects has been based on a 15-minute survey conducted after project completion as well as a follow-up survey conducted three years later. This enables Innosuisse to measure whether it is achieving its goals in a more targeted manner. The results are also intended to facilitate strategic optimisation, demonstrate the economic benefits of funding, and enable international comparisons to be made.

The positioning of the implementation audit will be revised in parallel, and its concept redefined. We will contact you once your project is completed and, if necessary, we will send you information on how to proceed.

Last modification 03.03.2022

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From 1 January 2023, the conditions for the promotion of innovation projects will be adapted following the revision of the Federal Law on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA). A webinar on these adaptations took place on 7 November 2022. Watch the video (password: Inno4Suisse) and have a look at the presentation (PDF, 644 kB, 07.11.2022).