Bilateral projects with Germany

Germany is Switzerland's most important partner in innovation and ranks first on Switzerland’s list of cooperation partners within the framework of Eureka. Recent call results suggest funding available within the framework of Eureka are not sufficient to exploit the full potential of this cooperation. Hence, Innosuisse is participating in the instrument IraSME from the ZIM funding programme under the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) to support more projects.

The objective of the new participation in IraSME is to encourage collaboration between Swiss and German companies and research organisations to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, to establish sustainable partnerships and to increase business development opportunities. This enables companies to expand their competitive advantage by developing new products, improving technical processes or devising solutions. These innovations must offer added value for the economy, society or the environment.

Support for Swiss-German innovation projects

Innosuisse and the ZIM funding programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action managed by AiF Projekt GmbH support bilateral (and multilateral) cooperation in technological and science-based innovation between companies, research institutes and other entities from Switzerland and Germany under the instrument IraSME. Swiss-German innovation projects are promoted within the framework of IraSME calls for projects.

The call for projects, the matchmaking (managed by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the evaluation of funding applications and administration of Swiss-German bilateral projects are coordinated jointly.

Last modification 21.12.2023

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Bilateral cooperation

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