Eureka Network projects

Your company or research group is active in science-based innovation, research and development. The Eureka Network project support offer makes it possible to quickly launch and implement your international innovation project.

Conditions and evaluation

You can submit Eureka Network projects at any time and on any innovation topic. Your Swiss consortium includes at least one Swiss implementation partner and one Swiss or international research institute. As a Swiss start-up before market entry, you can also submit proposals for Eureka Network projects without a research partner if the funding rules of the partner country allow it. You also need always at least one implementation partner from another Eureka member country. Innosuisse will review your funding application, while the relevant partner agency abroad will review your implementation partner’s funding application. Eureka coordinates the funding decisions in the individual countries and is responsible for approval at an international level.

As with the funding of Swiss innovation projects, there is no limit to the duration of Eureka Network projects. As a rule, such projects last between 6 and 36 months. Provided it is sensible for your project and the cost-benefit ratio is right, there is no financial limit on applications. Innosuisse covers a maximum of 70 percent of the project costs of Swiss participants.

Since 2023, Innosuisse is able to make direct project contributions to companies in international innovation projects:


Submit application

Together with your international partners, submit a Smart Simple application and at the same time a project application to Innosuisse for the Swiss part of the consortium. The process, evaluation criteria and application submission are exactly the same as for Swiss innovation projects.

  1. Apply for the international project
    > Platform for the Smart Simple application
  2. Submit the funding application to Innosuisse
    > To the Innosuisse submission platform

As an additional element, applicants must use the Innosuisse application platform:

  • Upload the document describing the international project (Smart Simple application) as an attachment to the application.

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