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Your SME or start-up is already established on the market and has a highly competitive R&D project in order to develop, commercialise and scale breakthrough innovations. You can apply for direct financial support for your innovation project from the Swiss Accelerator programme.

Applications to the Swiss Accelerator are made via a three-stage process:

  1. Submit your short application.
  2. You will be invited to submit a full application based on Innosuisse’s evaluation of your short application.
  3. Based on the evaluation of your full application, you will be invited to present your application to Innosuisse. The Innovation Council then makes the final funding decision.


Your company submits an application for an individual project. Projects by consortia or university research groups are not supported. Your SME or start-up must satisfy the following requirements.

Your SME or start-up:

  • is domiciled in Switzerland and has a Swiss company identification number;
  • is already established on the market;
  • has no more than 250 full-time equivalents at the time the application is submitted
    (for companies that are part of a group, the number of full-time equivalents across the entire group of companies is decisive);
  • aims to commercialise the project results quickly and effectively and to scale accordingly;
  • does not have ongoing funding from the EIC Accelerator for the same project; and
  • is not on SECO’s sanctions list.

In the assessment, the text of the funding ordinance and the corresponding implementing provisions are always determining.

IMPORTANT: Start-ups that have not yet entered the market are not allowed to submit applications for Swiss Accelerator projects. They are welcome to apply for the start-up innovation projects funding offer.

Non-commercially active associations and foundations as well as public organisations are not considered SMEs or start-ups for the purposes of the Swiss Accelerator.

What should your short application include?

Your short application summarises all the key aspects of your innovation project that make it promising.

You can submit your application in English or in a national language.

What does the Swiss Accelerator fund?

Innosuisse supports projects with above-average innovation and disruption potential from SMEs and start-ups with the aim of quickly and effectively implementing the project results.

The funding is intended to make a substantial contribution to projects that require high-risk capital to take important development steps. The Swiss Accelerator is aimed only at SMEs and start-ups that are already established on the market.

The funding from Innosuisse is a maximum of 70 percent of the eligible project costs. The company bears 30 percent of the costs itself. Innosuisse funding amounts to a maximum of 2.5 million Swiss francs per application.

Evaluation criteria: This is how your application will be evaluated

Your short application will be evaluated by three experts based on the following criteria. These evaluation criteria are closely related to the EIC Accelerator Grant Funding and take the Innosuisse criteria for project funding into account. These criteria also apply to your full application in the second application step.

In the assessment, the text of the funding ordinance and the corresponding implementing provisions are always determining.

Criteria in four areas:

Submit short application

Information on the submission deadline for the 2023 call for projects will be provided in due course.

Decision regarding the short application

First, the Innosuisse Secretariat formally evaluates your application. If your application meets the requirements, three independent experts will assess the content of your short application according to the criteria. Innosuisse invites applicants to submit a full application or rejects their short application based on these expert evaluations.

Innosuisse will inform you in writing:

  • If your short application has been positively evaluated by the experts, you will be invited to submit a full application.
  • If your short application does not meet the eligibility criteria or is rated less favourably by the experts compared to other applications, the Innovation Council will ultimately reject your short application. Innosuisse will then inform you in writing about the rejection. The reasons for rejection will be explained in the decision. An appeal against the decision from Innosuisse can be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court within 30 days.

Last modification 16.01.2023

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