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The Innovation Council is the specialised body of Innosuisse that is at the centre of the agency’s innovation promotion activities. The main duty of the Innovation Council is to review, analyse and take decisions on funding applications and to support the execution of funding activities. To carry out its work, the Innovation Council has access to a pool of experts with dedicated specialties. The Innovation Council also plays a key role in drafting the funding strategy to be approved by the Board of Innosuisse.

In its selection of innovation councillors, the Board of Directors focuses on personalities that have an excellent track record in innovation, who are professionally active and can put their experience to the best use for its tasks for Innosuisse. The Innovation Council also has a diverse composition in a cultural sense: Nine members work in German-speaking Switzerland, seven in Romandy, two in Ticino and one member works abroad. 

The members of the Innovation Council are elected for a period of four years.



  • Alois Zwinggi, World Economic Forum

Vice Chairman

  • Bettina Ernst, PRECLIN Biosystems AG


  • Reinhard J. Ambros, former Head Novartis Venture Fund
  • Jean-Luc Bazin, Swatch Group
  • David Brown, Logan Brown Sàrl
  • Nicoletta Casanova, FEMTOprint SA
  • Christophe Copéret, ETH Zürich
  • Christine Demen-Meier, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
  • Alisée De Tonnac, Seedstars SA
  • Clemens Dransfeld, TU Delft
  • Bernhard Eschermann, ABB Group
  • Frédéric Hemmer, CERN – The European Organisation for Nuclear Research
  • Renat Heuberger, South Pole Group
  • Emanuela Keller, Universitätsspital Zürich
  • Massimo Lucchina, CYSEC
  • Adriano Nasciuti, SUPSI – Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana
  • Thomas Puschmann, Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab
  • Philippe Renaud, EPFL Lausanne
  • Kelly Richdale, Libra Association
  • Christoph Rüttimann, Bystronic Group
  • Leila Schwery-Bou-Diab, Cilag GmbH International
  • Stelio Tzonis, Eduxia SA
  • Anja Wyden Guelpa, civicLab Ltd

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