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You must report on your progress according to the contract during your Swiss Accelerator project. This reporting will provide Innosuisse with insights into the progress of the project. Important changes to your project must be requested.

After the first 50 percent payment after project start, further instalments follow according to the contract.

NOTE: Please send all your reports and change requests by email to

Report during your project

The contract will specify the number and deadlines of reports for your project:

  • The first milestone review by an expert usually takes place 12 months after the start of the project. Details on reporting are set out in the contract.
  • An interim financial report need only be submitted at the express request of Innosuisse.

Report template

> Milestone report (available in due course)

Request changes in your Swiss Accelerator project

You must report all important changes to your project to Innosuisse. This applies particularly to changes in terms of hours, personnel function or key personnel, as well as requests for the reallocation of funding.

If you do not complete your Swiss Accelerator project within the anticipated timeframe according to the plan, you can apply for an extension ahead of time without budget increase.

NOTE: Please send all your change requests by email to


> Change request (available in due course)

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