Project reporting


You are required to submit reports as part of your Eurostars project. These reports keep Eureka and Innosuisse informed about the project’s progress.

Progress reports during your project: every six months

As project lead, you need to send a progress report to the Eureka Secretariat every six months. All partners provide this project lead with information on the progress they have made so far. Innosuisse automatically has access to the progress reports. 
> Guidelines for submitting progress reports

Financial report

You do not need to submit a financial report during the course of the project period unless this has been agreed separately. When it comes time to submit the final financial report, see point 5. Conclude project and submit final report.

On-site visit

Innosuisse aims to visit around 20 per cent of Eurostars projects where Swiss partners are involved. Wherever possible, such visits are conducted as part of a regular project meeting with the international partners in Switzerland. The on-site visit is coordinated and agreed with the Swiss partners.

Requesting changes

If unforeseen developments require changes to the project that affect all partners, the project lead must submit a change request to the Eureka Secretariat. This is necessary, for example, in the case of project extensions.
> Guidelines for submitting change requests

The Swiss project partners must inform Innosuisse in advance if it becomes necessary to deviate substantially from agreed regulations, e.g. with regard to budgeted costs.

Last modification 24.04.2024

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