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As a Swiss SME, you would like to carry out an innovation project with international partners.

Requirements for submitting an application

Swiss partners must either be registered with the Swiss Register of Commerce or be recognised as a research institution. Each Swiss partner must also cover part of the project budget through their inkind contribution. Your project must meet all formal requirements.

Amount of funding for your Eurostars project

The funding covers the following project costs of Swiss partners:

SMEs 50%
Large companies 25%
Research institutions


SME handles project coordination

An innovative SME must lead the coordination. The project leader organises information about the submission deadline and coordinates the completion of the application by all participating partners in Switzerland and abroad within the given deadlines. Aconsortium submits only one application for all partners from different countries.

As a first step, the project leader has to register on the Eurostars website. From there, they are guided step-by-step through the application process and the formal requirements for submitting an application. The national funding organisations in the partner countries answer questions about the application process and national funding conditions.

After the submission deadline, the EUREKA Secretariat will start the evaluation process.

Frequently asked questions

Last modification 04.02.2022

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Eurostars Project Coordinator Switzerland
Janique Siffert
+41 58 466 70 70


EUREKA Project Coordinator Switzerland
Colette John-Grant
+41 58 466 77 32


Print contact



The EUREKA Secretariat holds a Eurostars Webinar for applicants on Thursday the 9 of February from 11:00 – 12:00 CET.


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