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At the end of your Eurostars project, you must submit a final report and a final financial report.

Final report to EUREKA

At the end of the project period, the EUREKA Secretariat requests a final report from all participating project partners on the project results achieved and their impact on the individual partners. The submission of the final report is a prerequisite for the final payment. Innosuisse will automatically have access to the final reports.
> Guidelines for the submission of final reports

Final financial report to Innosuisse

At the end of the project period, Innosuisse will actively request the final financial report from the Swiss project partners. Innosuisse will inform you about the templates to be used and the supporting documents to be submitted for project costs.

To make it easier for you to complete the financial report, we have summarised the most important information:
> Guidelines for financial reports (PDF, 1 MB, 06.05.2021)

The submission of the final report is a prerequisite for the final payment. Once Innosuisse has approved the final financial report, the agency will request the project partners to submit the final invoice for the remaining support contribution. This invoice will include the actual costs incurred according to the final financial report.

Usually the EU co-financing is disbursed with the final payment. The final payment will therefore be made in euros. Any change in the exchange rate will be at the expense of the project partners. If individual project partners do not have a euro account, the funding contribution will be automatically converted into Swiss francs at the daily exchange rate by the bank.

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