Are the perfect partners for your innovation project not located in Switzerland? Eureka offers you the opportunity to get involved in cross-border innovation projects. Eureka is an initiative of 50 countries aimed at fostering cross-border cooperation projects in market-oriented research and development, which is independent of the framework programmes of the European Commission. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen the competitiveness of the member states through collaboration on innovation.

Who is the offer aimed at?

Swiss consortia of at least one Swiss research partner and a Swiss company or another private or public organisation as an “implementation partner”, together with at least one partner from a Eureka member country, can apply to Innosuisse for funding for Eureka projects. Companies can also finance their participation in Eureka projects themselves.

This is how Eureka works.

Innosuisse is representing Switzerland in the Eureka initiative. Three out of four of the initiative’s support offers are evaluated and funded by Innosuisse according to the rules of project funding. Eurostars is not evaluated by Innosuisse and has its own funding rules. For more information on this offer, see Eurostars.

Other support offers

> As an SME, do you need help developing your Eureka project?
As a small and medium-sized organisation (up to 250 full-time equivalents), you can apply for support from an innovation mentor from Innosuisse for this purpose.

> As an SME, do you need help finding an international project partner?
As an SME, you can take advantage of the free support of an EEN advisor for this purpose.

> Would you like to carry out an innovation project with Swiss partners only?
Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects that Swiss companies, SMEs, start-ups and other private or public organisations carry out together with Swiss research partners.


Last modification 08.09.2022

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Eureka Project Coordinator Switzerland
Colette John-Grant
+41 58 466 77 32


Eurostars Project Coordinator Switzerland
Janique Siffert
+41 58 466 70 70


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