Globalstars projects

As a Swiss company, you would like to carry out an innovation project together with a Swiss research institute with partners outside the Eureka initiative. With Globalstars, you will develop new innovation partnerships worldwide. With this support offer, you can work together with partners in large or emerging innovation countries with high growth momentum.

Calls for proposals, conditions and evaluation

In Globalstars projects, partners from several Eureka countries work together with a non-European country that is not a member of Eureka. Innosuisse publishes all Globalstars tenders.


Invitation to tender

There is currently no open call for tenders at Globalstars. More information on international tenders.

As with the funding of Swiss innovation projects, there is no limit to the duration of Eureka network projects. As a rule, such projects last between 6 and 36 months. Provided it is sensible for your project, the cost-benefit ratio is right and the implementation partner is willing to bear 50% of the project costs themselves, there is no financial limit on applications.

Innosuisse will review your funding application, while the relevant partner agency will review the funding application of your partners abroad. Eureka coordinates the funding decisions in the individual countries and is responsible for approval at an international level. If you want to participate in a Globalstars project as a company without a Swiss research partner, you can do so as a self-financed partner with a self-financing confirmation provided to Innosuisse. With Globalstars, you will develop new innovation partnerships worldwide.

Submit application

Together with your international partners, submit a Smart Simple application and at the same time a project application to Innosuisse for the Swiss part of the consortium. The process, evaluation criteria, and application submission are exactly the same as for Swiss innovation projects.

  1. Apply for the international project
    > Portal for the Smart Simple application
  2. Submit the funding application to Innosuisse
    > To the Innosuisse submission portal

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