Entering the market in South Korea

What to expect in South Korea?


Market entry: Assisted by mentors, start-ups validate and optimise their business strategy to accelerate their entry into the South Korean market. Mentors include government officials, IP professionals, accelerators and investors.

Network: In South Korea, finding the right connections and partners is challenging and time-consuming. The camp overcomes this barrier by providing personalised access to the local entrepreneurial network. In Asian society, which is very hierarchical, connections facilitated through governmental organisations are particularly valued.

Product validation: Business practices and entry regulations in Asian markets differ from European markets. Local connections propel the product adoption and create opportunities for partnerships, trials and pilot tests.

Follow-up: After the camp, follow-up is guaranteed by the Science and Technology Office in Seoul part of the Swissnex network. Support for international projects between Switzerland and South Korea is encouraged, and follow-up with the right partners is ensured.

Last modification 08.12.2022

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