Discovering the market in Israel

What to expect in Israel?

Scope: The Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad (LLP) is a ten-week programme. It starts in Switzerland, continues for eight weeks online and ends with a week in Israel. Throughout the LLP, Swiss start-ups gradually discover the vibrant Israeli start-up ecosystem: starting with the Israeli organisers and mentors, through targeted introductions with local entrepreneurs, potential business partners and market experts, to full immersion at the end. Each edition is aimed at a group of Swiss start-ups active in a specific cluster , such as health technologies and life sciences, foodtech/agritech or cybersecurity. The meetings are a mix of group sessions and individual exchanges.

Network and business opportunity: As a small country (population 10 million), Israel’s domestic market has limited attractiveness for growth-stage start-ups. The local culture, however, is extremely open to innovation. Many local companies and institutions have experience of working with start-ups and have an open innovation strategy in place. For this reason, Israel could be described as a “beta site”: a destination for proofs of concept, pilots, testing product-market fit assumptions and so on. The LLP helps participants both to identify and contact potential business partners and to overcome any cultural differences during these exchanges.

Access: Sometimes known as the “start-up nation” or the “unicorn nation”, Israel is home to a highly advanced start-up ecosystem. This is why the programme also aims to make the tools and expertise of Israeli entrepreneurs accessible to the participants. Throughout the LLP, the start-ups will be in regular exchange with Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and domain experts with whom they will discuss various subjects such as product development, business model, fundraising strategy, storytelling and so on. The support provided for each topic varies according to the needs of the individual start-up.

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The Swiss-Israeli Lean Launchpad exchange programme is organised once or twice a year. There is currently no call for applications.

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Who is the programme for?

Early-stage start-ups enrolled in the Innosuisse coaching can apply (the cluster is published each time a cohort opens for applications). Places are limited and are awarded according to a ranking based on the Innosuisse funding criteria.

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