Entering the market in India

What to expect in India?

Market entry: Swiss businesses find internationalisation challenging when it comes to India given that it is a country of many different nuances. The Innosuisse camp helps them understand the business culture, analyse the market, strategize go-to-market approaches and build business models based on potential customer feedback.

A two-step entry process via market validation and entry camps is offered. This helps businesses understand what it would take to enter India as a market via the validation camp and make a go or no-go decision. An entry camp accelerates growth by putting a start-up in front of first potential customers and partners and assists it in acquiring or hiring the right skills on the ground.

Network: Tailored individual support is provided. This includes connections for knowledge exchange and potential first customers or partners that are relevant for the start-up business.

Product validation: The incredible diversity, market size and business approaches in India are both a challenge and an opportunity. Whether it is a test market for novel technologies, a tech co-developer or a market itself, India has something to offer to start-ups looking to explore a new market. However, no business entity can airdrop solutions and hope for similar results across all markets - understanding local conditions is a must. Swissnex in India is a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the country’s market. Since 2013, over 60 Swiss start-ups have been mentored through different programmes that explore market discovery, market validation and market entry in India.

Follow-up: Long term vision and relationships are essential for businesses to succeed. Swissnex in India helps cement relationships after the camp ends.

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