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Eskenazi SA - A traditional SME develops the tools of tomorrow

This family business with its 35 employees can look back on a long company history, but is investing in the future with its own research and development department.

How to deal with digitisation in the industry in a meaningful way

The University of St. Gallen (HSG), together with the Institute of Computational Life Sciences at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), has developed a method for simulating and comparing digital business models.


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A trip to Japan to discover the Asian market

Thanks to Innosuisse's internationalisation camps, two dimpora employees had recently the opportunity to visit Japan to meet potential customers and to look at ways of achieving large-scale production.

Kitro - Less food waste thanks to artificial intelligence

Tonnes of food ends up in the waste every day in the kitchens of Swiss restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The Swiss start-up Kitro helps companies to reduce food waste.

Innovation mentoring

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Innovative with an optimised international network: a customer journey of a Swiss SME

For a Swiss SME, finding the right partners with which to develop innovative products is no easy task. The Bern-based company Rebus Labs also found this to be a challenge – but one that it was able to overcome thanks to networking opportunities provided by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Using a colouring agent to lubricate skis?

Until now no one had come up with the idea. In this process the colouring agent indigo forms water-repellent layers. And it is environmentally friendly to boot, unlike the highly fluorinated hydrocarbons used in conventional professional waxing, which is toxicologically and ecologically questionable.

Programme BRIDGE

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Solaxer - Lausanne start-up hopes to help industry switch to solar heating

Solaxer has increases the efficiency of the receivers and that does not oxidise, even at temperatures of up to 400 degrees.

Enerdrape - Sustainable energy from the underground car park

“Innovation enjoys a higher priority in Switzerland than in other countries.”

Energy funding programme SCCER

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Recycling concrete sustainably

The production of cement, the material that binds concrete, is very stressful for the environment and is alone responsible for 5 to 7 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

Women entrepreneurs

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Margaux Peltier - Enerdrape

“Innovation enjoys a higher priority in Switzerland than in other countries.”

Carina Popovici - Art Recognition SA

“After my PhD in theoretical physics I was drawn to Zurich. But I quickly became bored with my work as a risk manager at a Swiss bank. I then came up with the idea of founding my own company more by chance.”

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