Accompaniment and matchmaking: mentoring and EEN

Innovative with an optimised international network: a customer journey of a Swiss SME

For a Swiss SME, finding the right partners with which to develop innovative products is no easy task. The Bern-based company Rebus Labs also found this to be a challenge – but one that it was able to overcome thanks to networking opportunities provided by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Using a colouring agent to lubricate skis?

Until now no one had come up with the idea. In this process the colouring agent indigo forms water-repellent layers. And it is environmentally friendly to boot, unlike the highly fluorinated hydrocarbons used in conventional professional waxing, which is toxicologically and ecologically questionable.

Technology e-alert: Targeted, international partner introductions

The Swiss firm Pryv, a leading European provider of software that enables standards on the protection and management of personal data to be met, registered for the EEN technology e-alerts to receive details of the latest cooperation opportunities related to its business activities.

Last modification 08.02.2022

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