OneVisage - 3D face recognition, a solid defence against data theft

The topic of cybersecurity is more topical than ever. To protect sensitive data, the Lausanne-based company OneVisage SA offers a digital authentication solution based on 3D facial biometrics.

Exnaton – Simply get green electricity from your neighbour

Switzerland’s goal is to become climate neutral by 2050. This means completely new approaches – and start-ups like Exnaton – are needed. The ETH spin-off is helping to launch local energy markets and therefore help drive forward the energy transition.

Vatorex - Saving bees from varroa thanks to the heat

Saving the worlds honey bees, that is the objective of the Zurich start up Vatorex. Its founders, from a family of beekeepers, have developed a sustainable technique to overcome the parasitic Varroa mite.

recapp IT – Speech recognition for the languages spoken in Switzerland

Being able to transcribe the languages spoken in Switzerland, particularly Swiss German, is the mission of the Valais-based start-up recapp IT, which has developed a voice recognition system to transform conversations into text.

Reproducing pulmonary function in the lab

Taking a journey inside the complex human lung AlveoliX's goal is to reproduce how this organ works within the human body. The organ-on-chip technology developed by the Bernese start-up reproduces the functioning of the lung on a small scale.

Dagsmejan – Quality sleep thanks to smart pyjamas

Improving the quality of your sleep with what you wear while sleeping. This is the original idea of the Zurich start-up Dagsmejan, supported by Innosuisse. The company has made a mark for itself and 3 years after its creation, the brand sells its clothing in over 60 countries worldwide.

Rea - a smart bandage for pregnant women

Rea develops a medical device to allow home monitoring of women at risk of preterm birth. The technology can be used to identify and quantify biomarkers present in vaginal fluid to determine the risk of a preterm birth.

AgroSustain - Today Switzerland, tomorrow the world

AgroSustain, a start-up launched in 2018, is successfully progressing from one growth phase to the next. Backed by various levels of support that Innosuisse provides to young researchers, the company is seeking to market biological pesticides made from vegetal extracts.

Pathmate Technologies - A digital coach to help patients manage their chronic conditions

Pathmate Technologies – the digital solution that supports people suffering from chronic diseases. This Swiss start-up has created a digital health coach.

Medusoil - “Success comes with carefully designed and executed increments”

MeduSoil develops and commercializes the world’s first carbon bio-mineralization technologies to provide solutions to problems of ground stabilization.

Last modification 06.05.2022

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