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You have been invited by Innosuisse to submit a full application based on your short application. After receiving the written confirmation, submit your full application according to Innosuisse’s instructions: Innosuisse will inform you of the final submission deadline in writing.

In the assessment, the text of the funding ordinance and the corresponding implementing provisions are always determining.

What does your full application include

Your full application will address all necessary research and development activities within appropriate work packages, the business development, and your company’s financial situation in detail.

Submit your full application

You were invited by Innosuisse to submit a full application. Innosuisse will inform you of the submission deadline in writing.

NOTE: Only SMEs and start-ups that are invited by Innosuisse after their short application has been assessed may submit a full application.

Decision regarding full application

Innosuisse will carry out a second formal review of your application. Due diligence is performed by an external partner. Three independent experts will then again assess the content of your full application. Innosuisse invites applicants to give a presentation of the application or rejects your complete application based on these expert evaluations.

Innosuisse will inform you of the decision in writing:

  • If your full application has been positively evaluated by the experts, you will be invited to give a presentation.
  • If your full application does not meet the criteria, or is rated less highly by the experts relative to other full applications, then the Innovation Council will ultimately reject your application. Innosuisse will then inform you in writing about the rejection. The reasons for rejection will be explained in the decision.

Last modification 22.12.2022

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