Themed EU partnerships

Innosuisse, together with other European funding agencies and the European Commission, promotes international cooperation between innovative companies and organisations, end users and civil society to solve major thematic challenges.

With their involvement, qualified Swiss companies and universities can help shape international solutions and standards and network with driving forces in these thematic areas. Innovative Swiss organisations can thus benefit from being integrated in consortia that implement European solutions, as well as from the planned investments.

Within the scope of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, which is coming to an end, Swiss innovation actors are currently involved in the following topics:

  • Digital solutions for demographic change
  • Maintaining European competitiveness in electronic components and systems; and
  • various topics within the scope of ERA-NET

No new calls for tenders will be held. The funded projects will run until 2025 and will then be implemented in specific products and services on the market.

The thematic partnerships under Horizon Europe with the new project tenders will be published on this website in early 2022. Innosuisse’s involvement in the thematic EU partnerships is largely independent of Switzerland’s association with Horizon Europe.

Digital solutions for demographic change (AAL)

In more than 50 projects, Swiss and European companies, universities and end-user organisations are developing innovative, digital solutions for maintaining the quality of life of an ageing society.


In 15 major projects, Swiss companies and universities are taking part in the development of novel electronic components and systems to strengthen Swiss and European competitiveness vis-à-vis international competitors.


In 14 projects, Swiss companies and universities are working on developing innovative products and services within the scope of ERA-NET initiatives in the areas of wood recycling, innovative materials, biotechnology and energy systems.

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