Improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems

Personalised medicine is special because it is a cross-cutting field, which can only succeed if expertise and data from very different disciplines and sectors are brought together. In addition, the implementation of personalised medicine approaches impacts on all citizens and patients in our societies across Europe and beyond. A concerted effort is needed to make progress. Therefore, not only national and regional governments, but also European institutions are dealing with questions on how to best govern and implement personalised medicine in our healthcare systems.

The vision of the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) is to improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems through research, development, innovation and implementation of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens and society.

The general objective of the Partnership on Personalised medicine is to:

  • act as a global personalised medicine platform for scientific and strategic dialogue and alignment.
  • facilitate and accelerate all implementation steps throughout the value continuum, so that personalised medicine achievements can be successfully implemented.
  • foster demonstration projects and promote successes and lessons learned to demonstrate evidence of personalised medicine implementation.

This programme is aimed at:

  • All kinds of organisations and entities that can contribute to the vision of the Personalised Medicine Partnership: SMEs, start-ups, profit or non-profit organisations.

PerMed projects: step by step procedure


Other support offers

> As an SME, do you need help developing your project?
As a small and medium-sized organisation (up to 250 full-time equivalents), you can apply for support from an innovation mentor from Innosuisse for this purpose.

> As an SME, do you need help finding an international project partner?
As an SME, you can take advantage of the free support of an EEN advisor for this purpose.

> Would you like to carry out an innovation project with Swiss partners only?
Innosuisse supports science-based innovation projects that Swiss companies, SMEs, start-ups and other private or public organisations carry out together with Swiss research partners.


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