Making genetic analysis more easily accessible

"DNA analysis is currently available to only a small group of patients. We are working on a solution to make genetic diagnostics an everyday part of medicine.”

Dr Claudio Alberti, co-founder of the software company GenomSys SA

Genome sequencing, i.e. the decoding of DNA, is becoming cheaper. This is widening the applications of DNA analysis, for example in diagnosing conditions and in making drug development more targeted.

But more analysis also means huge amounts of data, increasing numbers of data formats, storage costs and greater analytical complexity. With the support of Innosuisse, the Vaudbased start-up GenomSys is developing software based on the new MPEG-G standard, which massively simplifies the processing and distribution of DNA data. “With MPEG-G, DNA data is extremely compressed, enabling faster data exchange and more efficient data analysis,” explains GenomSys co-founder Dr Claudio Alberti. “Our software also offers easy and secure access to individual data and a high degree of interoperability.”

GenomSys is a Swiss software company
Research is being conducted into efficient software solutions for the processing and distribution of DNA data at the offices of the Lausanne-based biotech company GenomSys.

After various phases, also funded by Innosuisse, the project has been supported by Eurostars – a joint funding programme of EUREKA and the EU – since spring 2019. With its partners in Spain, France and the UK, who were found thanks to Innosuisse, GenomSys analyses electronic data for everyday use and ensures that the software systems link up. The partners meet three to four times a year. “The meetings are always very dynamic and inspiring.”

Last modification 27.06.2022

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Dr Claudio Alberti

Co-founder of the software company GenomSys SA

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