Scale-up Coaching phase 1


If your application is approved, you will receive a partial voucher that can be used for services by Innosuisse coaches as part of phase 1 of the Scale-up Coaching programme. An additional voucher budget will be released when you are admitted to phase 2 of the programme.

The overall coaching process and voucher management is tracked and managed in the Innosuisse online tool. You will be instructed on how to proceed once you are accepted for the coaching.

Goal of the Scale-up Coaching phase 1

In the first phase of the Scale-up Coaching you have eight to ten weeks to perform a deep-dive analysis of your growth strategy, with the aim of identifying specific and systemic issues to unlock in order to achieve maximum growth over the following two years. To do this, you will work with a team of scale-up coaches experienced in key areas relevant to your business and challenges.

To conclude phase 1 and in order to gain access to phase 2, you will have to submit an application in the form of a report and present your business growth goals and the resulting business growth concept. A specific Innosuisse committee will decide on your admission to phase 2.

Innosuisse Scale-up Coaches

The Innosuisse coaches supporting you in the Scale-up Coaching have a proven track record in growing and scaling companies, are well versed in innovation and have excellent connections.

All coaches and their availability are visible in the Innosuisse online tool.

Coach Team

In the Scale-up Coaching, you will invite a subset of Innosuisse scale-up coaches to be your coaching team using the Innosuisse online tool. Innosuisse can support you with the selection. The coach team will guide you through the programme and work with you on the development of your business. Where necessary, additional coaches can be consulted.

Phase 1 evaluation report

In order to complete phase 1 and to apply for phase 2 of the Scale-up Coaching programme, you have to submit a specific evaluation report within eight to ten weeks of starting the coaching.

The report must include key findings of phase 1 along with defined growth goals and planned milestones. In addition, the following supporting documents will be needed: business presentation, growth strategy, a detailed financial plan, and an investor pitch deck.

Based on the input provided, an independent expert will assess the growth strategy and potential of your scale-up as well as the general programme requirements, and you will be notified accordingly.

  • Positive evaluation
    Innosuisse will inform you of the outcome by email and you will be invited to a Scale-up Award meeting to pitch to an Innosuisse committee.
  • Negative evaluation
    Innosuisse will inform you of the negative decision by email and by IncaMail. The communication will explain why the review was not successful. A negative decision closes the coaching voucher.

This process usually takes about two to three weeks.

Evaluation reports are to be submitted using the Innosuisse online tool and a review request is to be sent to Innosuisse by email (

Innosuisse Scale-up Award

In order to gain access to phase 2 of the Scale-up Coaching, you will have to present your business growth goals and the resulting business growth concept at a Scale-up Award meeting to a committee of experts and representatives of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse. The committee will decide on your admission to phase 2 of the programme. If the decision is positive, you will receive the Innosuisse Scale-up Award.

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