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After completion of the preliminary study, you must send a final scientific and financial report to Innosuisse. Both forms must be filled in and signed by the project partners. Please send all your reports by e-mail to

Template and forms for final report

As soon as Innosuisse has reviewed the final reports, the project partners will receive a final statement. At the end of the 30-day period for appeals, the amount is automatically transferred to the research partner’s account.

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Last modification 08.02.2024

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Innovation Cheques

Fabienne Burkhalter

+41 58 481 44 60


Audit and Assurance

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Application platform Innosuisse

Innosuisse application platforms

The Innosuisse platforms are used to submit and manage applications to Innosuisse. Project partners and start-ups can submit applications. Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.

Patent research

Free patent search

With an approved application from Innosuisse for an Innovation Cheque, take advantage of a free Assisted Patent Search from the Intellectual Property Institute.