Evaluation and decision

Evaluation und Entscheid

First, the Innosuisse Secretariat formally evaluates your application. If the application meets the formal requirements, the evaluation process begins. An expert evaluates the application and makes a recommendation. Based on this assessment, the Innosuisse Innovation Council decides whether you will receive an innovation cheque. This process usually takes four to six weeks. The implementation partner is informed of the decision by IncaMail.

Criteria for evaluating your application

Your application must contain all information necessary for technical, scientific and economic assessment. The expert assesses the quality of the applications submitted based on the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation: Is the scientific and economic approach novel?
    Precisely: What makes your innovation unique? What are the scientific, technological or social innovations?
  • Potential benefit: What is the added value for the implementation partner? What is the added value of the preliminary study?
  • Expertise of project partners: Do the project partners have the expertise needed to carry out the project and implement it as intended on the market?
  • Financial plan: Are the stated personnel expenses and material costs for the preliminary study realistic?
  • Follow-up project: To what extent can a follow-up project (e.g. an innovation project) be expected?

Your application is approved

Following the decision of the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you of its approval in writing by IncaMail. You can then start your preliminary study with the research partner.

Your application is rejected

Following a negative decision of the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you of such in writing by IncaMail. The directive explains why the application was not approved.

A rejected application can be revised at any time and submitted to Innosuisse as a new application, provided that the objected criteria have been changed. The changes must be easily identifiable. Please highlight these in the application in colour. The newly submitted application will be re-evaluated according to the usual evaluation process.

Last modification 21.11.2022

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