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Are you an SME with an innovative idea and would like to clarify its effective feasibility? Thanks to the innovation cheque you can clarify this question with a research partner.

What does the innovation cheque finance?

With the innovation cheque Innosuisse finances preliminary studies of your innovative idea, for example concept developments and idea studies as well as analyses of the innovation and market potential of new processes, products, services or technologies. Innosuisse finances 100% of the costs of the research partner up to 15,000 Swiss francs.


In order to apply for an innovation cheque, your organisation as an "implementation partner" must meet the following requirements:

  • You are an SME, a start-up or a small or medium-sized organisation with fewer than 250 full-time employees. For Group companies, the number of full-time equivalents of the entire Group is decisive.
  • Your organisation is based in Switzerland. You will need a Swiss company identification number (UID number) as proof.
  • You already have a Swiss research partner who can conduct this preliminary study on your behalf.

Please note that research and development partners must respect the code of scientific integrity. Projects or activities that are contrary to scientific integrity or good scientific practice are not encouraged.

What your application should include

Fill out the application in the Analytics online application portal of Innosuisse. Your application should contain the following information:

  • Title of the preliminary study
  • General information: Implementation partner, research partner, contact information, etc.
  • Innovation: novel and innovative content, feasibility of the results, task of the research partner, deliverable result, competitive situation, potential benefit for the implementation partner
  • Financial plan: Personnel expenses and material costs. Further information on the financial plan can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

Submit application

Do you meet the requirements? Then fill out your application in the Innosuisse online application portal. The application must be submitted by the implementation partner, for example an SME. You can submit your application at any time. As soon as the application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you are logging in for the first time, you will need to register. If you are already registered, you can go directly to the application form after logging in. After the application has been submitted, Innosuisse will start the evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last modification 08.02.2024

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The Innosuisse platforms are used to submit and manage applications to Innosuisse. Project partners and start-ups can submit applications. Innosuisse members can access the projects and cases assigned to them.

Patent research

End of free services with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)

The patent search services previously offered free of charge to Innosuisse applicants via the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property have been discontinued.

However, costs associated with research into intellectual property issues may still be covered as part of the direct project costs chargeable for approved applications from the following funding schemes:

  • Innovation projects with or without partners
  • Innovation projects for start-ups
  • Swiss Accelerator