Eurostars 2: support for SMEs

Under the Eurostars 2 programme, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can further develop their products or services together with partner firms or research teams at the international level. The purpose of Eurostars 2 is to underpin the competitiveness of innovative companies in new or existing value-creation chains. The initiative is mainly aimed at SMEs that invest a substantial part of their revenues in R&D.

Eurostars-2 works like this.

Thirty-three countries across Europe take part in Eurostars 2, along with Canada, South Africa and Korea. Together they are providing EUR 900 million of project funding between 2014 and 2020.

The European Union is contributing EUR 300 million to Eurostars 2 from the Horizon 2020 programme. This participation is based on article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The Eurostars 2 initiative falls within the scope of EUREKA. Applications are evaluated by the EUREKA association secretariat in Brussels, which is also responsible for monitoring the projects. The national funding bodies pay the subsidies and administer the projects. As a general rule, two calls for proposals are published each year.

Who can submit a Eurostars project?

The semi-annual calls for project proposals are aimed at SMEs, large companies, universities of applied sciences and research institutions. Interested parties are advised to get in touch with the Eurostars 2 project coordinator for Switzerland (see contact box on the right).

Projects should be submitted via the Eurostars 2 programme website.

Funding quotas for Eurostars 2 project partners from Switzerland
Organisation Funding as a % of costs
SMEs 50%
Large companies 25%
Research institutions 50% with an SME total funding sum Euro 500’000
without an SME total funding sum Euro 250’000

Last modification 21.01.2021

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Eurostars 2 Project Coordinator Switzerland
Janique Siffert
+41 58 466 70 70


EUREKA Project Coordinator Switzerland
Colette John-Grant
+41 58 466 77 32


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