Project reporting

5. Project reporting

As a project partner, you must submit reports during your innovation project. These serve to check the course of the project. You must also request any important changes to the project.

NOTE: Please send all your reports and adjustment requests by e-mail to

Reports during your project

The letter of approval of your application and the subsidy contract will specify the number of reports and their deadlines for
your innovation project:

  • A report is due 10 days after reaching your project milestone. The conditions may also allow for several milestone reports.
  • If the project approval includes a Go/No-Go decision, you must submit a milestone report to Innosuisse 10 days after reaching the milestone.
  • Extensions: If you do not complete your innovation project within the anticipated time frame according to the project plan, you can apply for an extension without increasing the budget by submitting a fully completed milestone report.
  • An interim financial report need only be submitted at the express request of Innosuisse.

Requesting changes to your innovation project

Significant changes to the project must be reported to Innosuisse by means of the milestone report, where necessary together with a request for minor changes to the budget or additional funds. In particular, this applies to changes of project partners, changes to the scope of the project and project objectives, changes to project planning, and project changes with financial implications. You can apply for an extension without increasing the budget by submitting the completed milestone report.

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