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Innosuisse helps leverage your innovation: We support science-based innovation projects carried out by companies – particularly SMEs – working with public-sector research partners.

Does your company intend to implement an innovative product, process or service?

Does your research institution offer a great degree of expertise in an application-oriented field?

Then join forces and implement your joint innovation project!


Innosuisse is here to help:

We help to fund innovation projects carried out by companies, private or public organisations in cooperation with research institutions. Innosuisse covers the research partner’s salary and, under certain conditions, material costs as well as a contribution to overheads. The company provides at least the same amount of funding and thus bears the costs for its project itself. Join forces to get innovations on the market more quickly!

Important: Your project must meet a market need and provide economic benefits or create social value.

Innosuisse supports projects from all areas of research-based innovation topics. The applications will be assigned to one of five primary funding areas. We are, of course, still accepting applications for interdisciplinary projects.

Innosuisse uses the following criteria to assess the quality of the applications submitted:

  • Value creation and sustainability in Switzerland: Will implementing the research results on the market have a long-term, positive impact on the company’s position in relation to its competitors?
  • For social and society-focused innovation projects: If the project is implemented successfully, will it verifiably reduce social costs and add value to the economy?
  • Level of innovation: Is the scientific and economic approach innovative?
  • Quality of the method: Evaluation of the quality of the project structure, e.g. quantitative targets and milestones
  • Project partners’ skills in relation to implementation and intended market application

An additional CHF 19 million is available for innovation projects in the field of energy as part of the energy funding programme until 2020. The regular criteria for Innosuisse projects shall apply.

Documents for on-going projects

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Other funding opportunities

Are you a research institution without an implementation partner?

Innosuisse funds innovation projects by researchers who have not yet found a partner to implement the result. We particularly provide support for highly innovative yet risky projects.


Last modification 28.06.2019

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Project and Programme Funding

Energy & Environment
Nicolas Martin
+41 58 465 33 72

Suzana Kolly
+41 58 465 33 72

Matthias Furler
+41 58 462 81 47

Davi Chung
+4158 462 81 47

Dannie Jost
+41 58 467 17 55

Life Sciences
Stéphanie Lecaudé
+41 58 464 19 85

Eva Gerber
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Rahel Herren
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Social Sciences & Business Management
Anna Cuccu
+41 58 462 86 51

Mateja Bajic
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What does «independence of project partners» exactly mean? What happens during coaching? What are the responsibilities of the Innovation Council? You will find answers to the most important questions here.

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