Pre-proposal – submission, evaluation and recommendation


Do you have an idea how a current or future challenge for the Swiss economy or society can be tackled by means of systemic innovation? The Flagship Initiative enables you to take up this challenge.

Pre-proposal application documents

  • Below you will find the template for the submission of a pre-proposal as well as a calculation tool for the financial plan. Please note that the calculation tool does not have to be submitted.
  1. Pre-proposal application form (DOCX, 64 kB, 27.10.2022)
  2. Pre-proposal financial plan - calculating tool (XLSX, 295 kB, 27.10.2022)
  • The application platform will be open for submissions as of 01 January 2023.
  • The deadline for a pre-proposal is 31 January 2023 (12.00 / noon CET)

Requirements for submitting a pre-proposal

Flagship partners who want to submit a pre-proposal must meet certain requirements.

Note: the submission of a pre-proposal is a mandatory requirement for the submission of a proposal!

As a company or a private or public institution (so-called implementation partner)

You must meet these requirements:

  • Your company or private or public institution must operate in Switzerland and engage in value-creating activities.
  • You must cover the costs incurred within your company for the Flagship which must at least correspond to 40 to 60% of the overall project cost, and be prepared to cover your research partners' expenses, known as “cash contribution”, amounting to at least 5% of the total project costs.
  • Swiss research partners must be prepared to implement a flagship with you.

As researchers

You must work at a Swiss research centre, and companies must want to realise a flagship with you. Your research institution (so called research partner) must belong to one of the following categories:

Please note
Non-eligible research institutions outside the higher education sector under Article 5 RIPA must submit all required documents according to the information sheet on the requirements and criteria for non-commercial re-search centres outside the higher education sector, together with the pre-proposal.

Criteria for the evaluation of your pre-proposal

The members of the Innovation Council and experts will assess the quality of the applications submitted on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • Innovation degree: Is the scientific and economic/societal approach novel? Is it not only an “incremental” but also a “systemic” innovation, i.e. does the scientific and economic/societal approach contribute to changing a system in the long term?
  • Value creation and sustainability in Switzerland: Will the implementation of the research results on the market have a positive influence on the competitive situation of the implementation partner(s)? Will successful implementation demonstrably reduce (social) costs and/or create an economic benefit (e.g. reducing poverty, increasing the quality of life, improving the quality of education, reducing injustice or increasing biodiversity), which will lead to a positive impact on the future wellbeing of the country?
  • Flagship setup

Evaluation and recommendation

First, the Innosuisse Secretariat checks your application. If the application meets the formal requirements, the substantive assessment process begins. The experts assess your pre-proposal and the Innovation Council decides whether or not to recommend the submission of a full proposal.

Recommendation for the submission of a proposal

After the Innovation Council’s assessment, Innosuisse will inform you by e-mail whether or not it recommends the submission of a full proposal. However, applicants are not bound by the recommendation.

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