Conclude contract and conduct flagship


The subsidy contract with Innosuisse

The flagship partners must conclude a subsidy contract with Innosuisse. Innosuisse will send the subsidy contract by e-mail. Only after signing and returning the subsidy contract to Innosuisse you can start your flagship in accordance with the agreements in the subsidy contract.

Note: Please inform Innosuisse of the specific date of the start of the flagship by e-mail

Intellectual property and user rights agreement

The provisions of Art. 41 RIPO apply as a minimum. Innosuisse may stipulate that an agreement between the partners going beyond these provisions must be made. Where such a requirement exists, the agreement or only a signed copy of the IPR declaration must be submitted no later than six months after the start of the flagship.

NOTE: As these negotiations are important and can be complex, Innosuisse advises the flagship partners to deal with this issue at an early stage and to have already reached at least an agreement in principle on this issue by the beginning of the application process.

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