Contract conclusion and project start


Swiss participants submit their funding request to Innosuisse via the PrivaSphere transfer platform and SERI via the platform for Switzerland’s “Swiss Transitional Measures for Horizon Europe - Direct funding”. Required documents and Information for Innosuisse and SERI are:

  • submitted KDT project proposal: part A (forms) and part B (text),
  • evaluation summary report (ESR),
  • signed Grant Agreement GA,
  • consortium agreement CA (if one exists) or associated partner agreement
  • (required only by Innosuisse)

Innosuisse and SERI will issue two separate funding agreements, covering the national funding part and the compensation of the EU contribution, respectively.

The eligibility of costs and the funding contribution from SERI and Innosuisse are explained in detail in the new Innosuisse-SERI funding conditions for Swiss KDT participants.

Last modification 18.01.2023

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