Innovation Booster: Co-create radical innovations

In a rapidly changing world, it is becoming increasingly urgent to accelerate innovation and find new ways to solve problems in collaboration. Globalisation, digitalisation and the climate crisis are three examples attesting to this. The Innovation Booster programme cultivates open and collaborative responses to meet such challenges.

Against this backdrop, the worlds of business and research, as well as politics and end-users, are called upon to develop radical ideas through co-creation in open innovation. Find out more about the mission (PDF, 157 kB, 26.04.2023) of the Innovation Boosters.


Innovation Boosters are operative in areas as diverse as the environment, digitalisation, health and social innovation. You can actively participate in the initiative that applies to your specific situation and challenges.


Every two years on average, a call for proposals is opened to launch new thematic initiatives aimed at facilitating radical innovation in Switzerland. There is no call at the present time.

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Collaborate in an Innovation Booster

Within a specific theme, you co-create in collaboration with several other stakeholders around a challenge. Together, you develop ideas that are intended to lead to radical solutions and can thereupon be tested. The process is divided into two phases:


Challenge stage
In the challenge stage, you work with participants from research, business, politics and society. Working together and using agile and user-centric methods, you analyse a problematic in depth. You then try to find ideas to develop radical solutions. The most promising ideas are selected and up to CHF 25,000 can be granted to test them during the idea stage. To be selected, the innovation teams carrying out the tests must consist of at least one research partner and one implementation partner.

Idea stage
In the idea stage, you are asked to test the desirability, viability and feasibility of the chosen solution ideas. In an iterative and user-centric approach, you collaborate as a team with the aim of getting rapid feedback to learn from successes and failures and, in so doing, determine the next steps in your project.

Projects developed beyond the Innovation Boosters can be supported in various ways by Innosuisse. There are several options available for further support.

Learn more about the work of the Innovation Boosters

Learn more about radical innovation

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Patent research

End of free services with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)

The patent search services previously offered free of charge to Innosuisse applicants via the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property have been discontinued.

However, costs associated with research into intellectual property issues may still be covered as part of the direct project costs chargeable for approved applications from the following funding schemes:

  • Innovation projects with or without partners
  • Innovation projects for start-ups
  • Swiss Accelerator