Lead an initiative to boost radical innovation

With your Innovation Booster, you will run a thematic open innovation initiative whose activities support knowledge transfer and collaboration to generate new, radical ideas. Instead of just trying to improve existing innovations incrementally, you will help your participants gain a deeper understanding of problems and find radical innovation ideas that try to solve a user problem in a novel way.

Want to help boost radical innovation in Switzerland through an open innovation culture and agile, user-centric methods?

If your answer is yes, then create an alliance with like-minded partners and apply to launch and run a thematic, collaborative four-year Innovation Booster initiative.

With your Innovation Booster, you will support Swiss innovation players in two initial innovation stages. In the challenge stage, you will gather assemble stakeholders from research, the economy, politics and society. You will enable knowledge transfer and support participants with agile and user-centric methods in gaining a deeper understanding of a problem. This will help participants identify ideas for radical solutions.

At the end of the challenge stage, you will select the most promising radical solution ideas for the idea stage. You can award the selected innovation teams up to CHF 25,000 to test their idea. Innovation teams have at least one research and one implementation partner.

During the idea stage, you will help the selected innovation teams explore the desirability, viability and feasibility of their radical solution ideas. With iterative and user-centric testing, teams will rapidly gain insights and can pivot early if needed. If necessary, you can provide the teams with methodological support.

Your activities are open to all interested Swiss innovation stakeholders. Visit the webpage of all Innovation Boosters to learn more about the initiatives currently running.

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