The Executive Committee

Comprising five people, the management team is Innosuisse’s operational body. It directs the Secretariat, manages the activities and monitors the budget of the innovation funding agency. Annalise Eggimann is the director of the team.

The Secretariat is Innosuisse’s control centre. Around 50 people work in our offices at Einsteinstrasse 2; they implement the funding activities in accordance with the requirements of the Board and the decisions of the Innovation Council. The executive committee holds all threads together; it directs the operational funding activities.



  • Annalise Eggimann


  • Andreas Reuter
    Head of the Project and Programme Funding division
  • Caroline Boutillon-Duflot
    Head of the Finance and Operations division
  • Dominique Gruhl-Bégin
    Head of the Start-Ups and Young Talent division
  • Marc Pauchard (1st of April)
    Head of the General Funding division


The duties of the executive committee are set out in the SIAA. They include:

  • Managing activities and directing the Secretariat
  • Preparing the groundwork for decisions of the Innovation Council
  • Issuing and concluding contracts on the basis of decisions of the Innovation Council
  • Monitoring the budget and the status of commitments made and planned. 

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