Lead an Innovation Booster

As manager of an Innovation Booster, you will lead a thematic initiative and orchestrate activities to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration. The aim is to actively help participants to capture and understand problems, and to encourage them to work together to generate innovative and radical solutions to resolve them.

Every two years on average, a call for proposals is opened to launch new thematic initiatives aimed at facilitating radical innovation in Switzerland. There is currently no call for applications.

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What is a thematic initiative?

Each Innovation Booster, or thematic initiative, focuses on a specific innovation theme. An initiative is active for a period of four years. The Innovation Booster currently in operation cover fields ranging from artificial intelligence to lifestyle, including tourism and foodtech.

Who can apply to run an Innovation Booster?

To apply to run an Innovation Booster, you need to form an alliance of key players from research, business, politics and society around a thematic initiative. Within this alliance, you appoint a leading house that will manage the initiative. It must have its own legal personality and be based in Switzerland.

As an alliance, you must be prepared to work together to promote the development of radical innovations. You need to follow the principles of open innovation, encouraging the early involvement of potential users in the development and testing of solution ideas. Your innovation topic must have a potential for radical innovation and create added value for the Swiss economy and/or society.

The success of an Innovation Booster depends on the ability and competences of the alliance to organise and manage the process of co-creating and testing ideas.

Last modification 30.01.2024

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Patent research

End of free services with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)

The patent search services previously offered free of charge to Innosuisse applicants via the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property have been discontinued.

However, costs associated with research into intellectual property issues may still be covered as part of the direct project costs chargeable for approved applications from the following funding schemes:

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