17 Swiss start-ups ready for scaling


A decisive step towards the expansion of several Swiss companies. As of the end of April, 17 start-ups have received the Innosuisse Scale-up Award. They can now access the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme to further accelerate their growth with support of specialised Innosuisse coaches.

The Scale-up Coaching programme is aimed at young companies with a very high growth potential and is primarily intended to give them a boost by helping them refine and implement their growth strategy. After an initial intensive phase of about three months, the start-ups enrolled in the programme presented their objectives and their concept for commercial growth to a committee of experts and representatives of the Innosuisse Innovation Council. Out of 20 that participated in Phase 1 of the programme, 17 start-ups were positively evaluated (see below) and received the Scale-up Award. They were able to successfully demonstrate their past growth performance and present an ambitious but achievable future growth strategy.

Start-ups ready to grow
The companies selected for the second phase of Scale-up Coaching will aim to increase their growth in Switzerland and to expand into new global markets. They will be assisted by various coaches to support them in these steps including support in areas such as organizational growth and scaling, regulatory affairs, or fundraising and investor relations and more. In addition, the teams can benefit from Innosuisse’s internationalization offers during the 24-month-period of the coaching programme.

In 2023, 17 companies received the Scale-up Award (in alphabetical order):

  • Altoo AG (Fintech): Altoo empowers wealthy individuals to consolidate and interact with their wealth. The solution goes beyond data aggregation and reporting and is a secure digital home for wealth, designed to make daily use intuitive and help you understand and manage the most important and complex aspects.
  • dimpora AG (Material Sciences): dimpora offers a new generation of fluorine-free, fully microporous – highly breathable, and waterproof membranes based on sustainable materials. The new generation of functional membranes. 
  • FAIRTIQ AG (Machine Learning): FAIRTIQ is one of the most innovative players on the global public transport ticketing scene. Their hardware-free post-payment solution provides the simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone. Check-in and check-out with a simple button and get automatically charged for the journeys. 
  • Galventa AG (Foodtech): Galventa is on a mission to develop patented and clinically proven nutraceuticals for the hallmarks of sleep. The first product is called B-SYNC ON. It is the world’s first food supplement that empowers you to control your sleep-wake rhythm and to wake up with ease! 
  • KEMARO AG (Robotics): KEMARO helps industrial companies reduce cleaning costs by up to 50% with their best-in-class autonomous robots and related services.
  • Komed Health AG (eHealth): “Slack” for healthcare. Accelerating workflows for medical teams. Improving care. Komed Health developed a messaging platform for healthcare professionals to connect them on one single interface in real-time. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing healthcare systems. 
  • Lyfegen HealthTech AG (Artificial Intelligence): Lyfegen is an independent, global software analytics company providing a value and outcome-based agreement platform for health insurances, pharma, medtech & hospitals around the globe. They help patients to receive the therapies they need as payers only pay if the therapies work. 
  • Mpower Ventures AG (Fintech/Cleantech): MPower is a climate and fintech start-up that revolutionises energy access by providing small and medium-scale solar energy infrastructure in developing countries. Using a B2B model combing hardware, software, and financing solutions, they are transforming accessibility & impact into profitability. 
  • Positrigo AG (Medtech): Dementia is a major problem in our aging societies costing nearly a trillion USD per year. Treatments are on the horizon, but an affordable diagnostic technique is still missing. The brain PET system by Positrigo, called NeuroLF, offers functional brain imaging to everyone at a fraction of today´s cost. 
  • SAMAWATT SA (Energy Management): SAMAWATT democratizes access to the wholesale electricity market. Their plug & play OptimalAsset™ implements a novel kind of algorithms to optimize the electricity future sales commitments. It allows to manage the unexpected supply to the grid due to intermittence in the renewable energy production. 
  • SEED Biosciences SA (Biotech): SEED Biosciences is an award-winning spinoff from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Their products enable scientists to isolate single cell lines 3x faster and 10x cheaper than existing solutions. 
  • Signifikant Solutions AG (Data Sciences): With their SaaS solution, they show companies optimizations of up to 30% of their advertising budget, in less time and with greater depth of analysis than other providers. 
  • Smeetz SA (Artificial Intelligence): Smeetz is a unified commerce SaaS powered by AI sales optimisation for visitor attractions and venues. They provide an all-in-one commerce solution to manage, market and price their products efficiently by leveraging data and approaching sales from a tech-savvy perspective. 
  • Topadur Pharma AG (Pharmaceuticals): Aging processes are characterized by a reduction in blood circulation and dysregulation in cell-cell communication. TOPADUR has discovered the DualTOP™ technology platform consisting of new dual-acting drugs that restore healthy microcirculation with an unprecedented potency and efficacy. 
  • Tradeplus24 AG (Fintech): TP24 is a Zürich headquartered FinTech active in Switzerland, Australia, UK and the Netherlands. They have created a globally unique B2B lending solution for SMEs through using an asset-backed securitisation structure that leverages technology and a bespoke insurance package.
  • UniSieve AG (Material Sciences): UniSieve's mission is to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of the world's most energy-intensive industrial processes. Today, over 10% of the world's energy consumption is caused by separation processes and UniSieve's membrane solution promises to lower this by 90%. 
  • Veezoo AG (Artificial Intelligence): Veezoo is a search-based self-service analytics tool that empowers employees, at every level of an organization, to extract the insights that they need from the data by simply asking questions in plain English. 

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