22 Swiss start-ups ready for scaling


A decisive step towards the expansion of several Swiss companies. As of the end of April, 22 start-ups have received the Innosuisse Scale-up Award. They can now access the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme to further accelerate their growth with support of specialised Innosuisse coaches.

The Scale-up Coaching programme is aimed at young companies with a very high growth potential and is primarily intended to give them a boost by helping them refine and implement their growth strategy. After an initial intensive phase of about three months, the start-ups enrolled in the programme presented their objectives and their concept for commercial growth to a committee of experts and representatives of the Innosuisse Innovation Council. Out of 26 that participated in Phase 1 of the programme, 22 start-ups were positively evaluated (see below) and received the Scale-up Award. They were able to successfully demonstrate their past growth performance and present an ambitious but achievable future growth strategy.

Start-ups ready to grow
The companies selected for the second phase of Scale-up Coaching will aim to increase their growth in Switzerland and to expand into new global markets. They will be assisted by various coaches to support them in these steps including support in areas such as organizational growth and scaling, regulatory affairs, or fundraising and investor relations and more. In addition, the teams can benefit from Innosuisse’s internationalization offers during the 24-month-period of the coaching programme.

In 2024, 22 companies received the Scale-up Award (in alphabetical order):

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