Intensified collaboration with Israel in the field of innovation

Swiss-Israeli innovation relations are strengthened. This year, collaborations between the two countries are being developed on several levels. Innosuisse is greatly involved in this process.

14 Swiss start-ups ready for scaling

14 start-ups have received the Innosuisse Scale-up Award. They can now access the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme to further accelerate their growth with support of specialised Innosuisse coaches.
Swiss Accelerator for start-ups and SMEs

«Swiss Accelerator» for start-ups and SMEs: Federal Council adopts transitional measure for «Horizon Europe»

Swiss start-ups and SMEs are currently not eligible to apply for funding from the «EIC Accelerator». The Federal Council has thus adopted a transitional measure: Innosuisse will publish the call for projects for the highly competitive «Swiss Accelerator» on 1 April 2022.

Innosuisse is promoting six new NTN Innovation Booster

Innosuisse has been supporting 12 NTN Innovation Boosters for a year now. Their goal is to promote more radical innovation ideas in Switzerland. The Innovation Council has now selected six more initiatives. These will start their work in January 2022 and will enrich the existing subject portfolio.

Parliament gives Innosuisse more leeway for innovation promotion

Innosuisse is to be given more flexibility in funding. In the winter session, both councils adopted the revision of the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation with various amendments.

Last modification 09.02.2022

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