Pitch and decision

3. Interview and decision

You will be invited to a pitch

Following evaluation by the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you within two weeks by email about the invitation to the pitch (see pitch dates).

Innosuisse will send you an appointment for your pitch. The pitch regarding your application should aim to introduce both the project and the team in person. Innosuisse will inform you about further details in writing. The jury consists of experts and members of the Innovation Council.

Subsequently, the Innovation Council will decide on a definite approval or rejection.

If the Innovation Council approves your application, you will receive a contract from Innosuisse before the project starts.

Your application is rejected

Following a negative decision by the Innovation Council, Innosuisse will inform you of such by email. You will receive a reasoned order. An appeal against the decision from Innosuisse can be lodged with the Federal Administrative Court within 30 days.

There is no resubmission process. Innosuisse will not consider a resubmitted project unless it is demonstrated clearly that the weaknesses that lead to the rejection of the project in the first place have been addressed. If done so, the new project will be treated and evaluated according to the normal evaluation process. We recommend that you allow sufficient time to amend and address the deficiencies of the first project to achieve a significant improvement in quality. This is a highly competitive instrument and only the very best projects are funded, please make sure that your application is sound, complete and of very high quality.

Last modification 28.11.2023

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