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Concluding the Core Coaching programme, start-ups can request the Innosuisse Certificate. The certificate reflects remarkable progress achieved during the programme and it confirms that your start-up is ready for sustainable growth.

Companies with this award get increased publicity, are more attractive to potential investors and improve their access to additional events, initiatives and programmes. They can further take part in internationalisation camps and global trade fairs up to three years after receiving the certificate.

Evaluation and decision

First, your request will be formally reviewed. Then, you will be invited to a Certification Review meeting to present the progress of your start-up to a committee of experts. The recommendation by the committee is then forwarded to the Innosuisse Innovation Council, who will decide whether to accept or decline your request and you will be notified. This process usually takes about two months.

All required documents have to be uploaded in the Innosuisse online tool and the certification request to be sent to Innosuisse by email ( Submitted documents have to be valid and up-to-date (e.g. current business plan, IP assessment not older than one year, etc.).

Criteria for awarding the Innosuisse Certificate

Following criteria must be met to qualify for the Innosuisse Certificate:

  • Solid base and can handle growth in the future
  • Prepared to receive external funding if it is needed
  • Professional management team that has the required skills or has access to these skills
  • Demonstrated it can access the market and is established within the industry
  • Founded in accordance with Swiss law


The Innosuisse Innovation Council decides on your application based on the given information and assessment:

  • Your request is approved
    Innosuisse will inform you of the approval by email and you will receive the official Innosuisse Certificate.
  • Your request is rejected
    Innosuisse will inform you of the negative decision by email.

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Last modification 21.05.2021

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