International trade fairs

Innosuisse gives start-ups with global ambitions the chance to attend international trade fairs as exhibitors.

Does your start-up have huge potential on the world stage? Do you have a mature internationalisation strategy? Are you busy entering new markets?

Then take this opportunity to participate in a leading international trade fair that is relevant to you.

We are working with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) to bring you this special offer for start-ups. S-GE promotes Swiss export and has an in-depth knowledge of internationalisation and a global network. The trade fairs available include, for example:

Are you planning to attend a trade show that is not covered through our lead fairs? Then our “Pick your Fair” offer is just perfect for you. Please contact Ramona from S-GE to submit your application to attend the international trade fair of your choice (visitors and exhibitors).

The number of places available for the Pick your Fair offer is limited. Your application will undergo a thorough assessment and weighed against any other applications. The following criteria are decisive for the assessment (Art 35 of the Innosuisse Funding Ordinance):

  • Potential for achieving the programme objectives
  • Stage of development of the start-up company with regard to the achievement of the objectives pursued with the participation
  • Suitability of the fair for achieving the programme objectives

The quality of the funding application and early submission are also important:

  • For fairs taking place in the first quarter (Jan.-Mar.) we recommend submitting the application by no later than 30.09
  • For fairs taking place in the second quarter (Apr.-Jun.) we recommend submitting the application by no later than 31.12
  • For fairs taking place in the third quarter (July-Sept.) we recommend submitting the application by no later than 31.03.2023
  • For fairs taking place in the fourth quarter (Oct.-Dec.) we recommend submitting the application by no later than 30.06.2023

Funding applications submitted less than eight weeks prior to the start of the fair will not be considered.

You can find the full selection of trade fairs on the S-GE website.

Who can apply?

You need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your application for Innosuisse coaching has been approved or you received the Innosuisse Certificate no more than 36 months ago.
  • You want to enter international markets to increase added value in Switzerland.
  • The quality of your internationalisation strategy and the potential to open up the respective market and create value are high.

How to submit an application

You can find out how to get in touch with the contacts for the offer and submit your application directly on the S-GE website at least 8 weeks before the start of the trade fair.

Last modification 05.03.2024

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