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Current THCS Call

When a call is in progress, it is published here.

Requirements for submitting an application

Swiss partners participating in THCS projects must fulfil the following formal criteria:

  • Swiss partners must either be registered with the Swiss Register of Commerce or be a recognised research institution.
  • The Swiss contingent of the consortium must consist of at least one Swiss implementation partner. Participation of a Swiss research partner is optional.
  • Swiss research partners can be higher education research centres according to Article 4 (c) RIPA2 or non-commercial research centres outside the higher education sector according to Article 5 RIPA.
  • The share of the total eligible costs of the Swiss implementation partners must be higher than the cost of the Swiss research partner(s).

Projects must meet all formal requirements, which can be found on the THCS website.

Amount of funding for your THCS project

The funding covers the following project costs of Swiss partners:

SMEs, start-ups, for-profit and non-profit organisations 50%
Large companies 25%
Research institutions


Submit an application to THCS

The THCS Partnership manages the application procedure and the evaluation centrally. All relevant information and documents can be found on the THCS call website.

Last modification 31.05.2023

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