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Innosuisse is financing and supporting multi-year "TFV - Networking Events Series" to interdisciplinary and cross-industry topics, where research and implementation partners exchange new ideas, technologies, applications and commercial opportunities to jointly address challenges and find new solutions. In 2021, there will not be a new open call. This page will be updated this year with the information on the “TFV – Networking Events Series” that were approved in 2020.

Emerging new technologies and business models offer Swiss companies interesting future and growth opportunities. At the same time, public institutions, such as city administrations or hospitals, can also benefit considerably from innovations in areas such as mobility or digitization.

In order to exploit fully the potential of these new opportunities, there is the need of cooperation in heterogeneous and interdisciplinary or cross-industry innovation teams, where different competencies are brought together. The "TFV - Networking Event Series" help in the creation of communities to this goal.


Questions & answers: TFV - Networking Event Series

What are "TFV - Networking Event Series"?

"TFV - Networking Events Series" are series of events around a relevant innovation topic, which address all interested actors from universities, business and society at national level and stimulate an active exchange between them.

Which topics can be supported?
The programme is bottom-up, and focuses on topics of economic and social relevance to Switzerland, where new scientific findings can provide important impulses and make a significant contribution to the development of new solutions.

What is the goal?
The "TFV - Networking Events Series", supported by Innosuisse, is intended to bring together innovative minds from universities and private and public organizations, to help them to open up new perspectives and enable new approaches to possible solutions. Thus, a new community of interested people is created around the topic, who can develop and implement radical innovation ideas.

How is this goal achieved?
In order to achieve this goal, the applicants choose events’ formats in such a way that both research and implementation partners are addressed equally and an active exchange is promoted.  To this end, the events include modern tools and methods that actively promote the exchange of knowledge and the creation of new ideas, such as matchmaking sessions or design thinking formats.

Who can apply for funding?
All non-profit organisations can apply to Innosuisse for support. Innosuisse contributes up to half the eligible costs.

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