Learning from founders: video series with FEM'UP Switzerland

Women should follow their own visions and contribute to a thriving innovation landscape. The joint video series by FEM’UP Switzerland and Innosuisse offers you inspiring insights into the world of entrepreneurship and focuses on female founders in Switzerland. Discover the diversity of Swiss entrepreneurship and be inspired – because your innovations can change the world too.

Innosuisse and FEM'UP Switzerland have teamed up for this video series. Together, we are actively committed to supporting women founders in Switzerland and providing them with a platform to share their experiences and successes.

According to current statistics, women in Switzerland are increasingly active in entrepreneurship. In recent years, the number of female founders has been steadily rising. Nevertheless, there is still a significant imbalance. Women start fewer businesses than men. There is also a gap in the availability of resources and funding opportunities.

Our video series aims to encourage people – especially women – to turn their visions into action and start their own business. Because we firmly believe new ideas and technologies will help achieve a sustainable future. Innosuisse supports founders with a wide range of funding offers to drive their innovative projects forward. Discover them on our website or find the relevant support in just a few clicks with the Innosuisse Guide.

Dive into the fascinating diversity of Swiss entrepreneurship through our video series with success stories from the FEM'UP Switzerland and Innosuisse communities, learn from their experiences and get inspired by their passion!

Annalise Eggimann, Innosuisse

Zuzana Sediva, Groam Tech

Matthias Wiget, Eturnity AG

Luiza Dobre, Komed Health AG

Ursula Wolf, Sensawear

Lars Sager, Contactify

Penny Schiffer, Raized.ai AG

Liliane Ableitner, Exnaton

Nicolas Egger, Aepsy

Margaux Duchamp, arcoscreen

Stefan Velikov, KINASTIC AG

Sandra Tobler, Futurae Technologies AG

Eliana Zamprogna, Yumame Foods AG

Last modification 09.01.2024

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