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Final review

No later than one month after completion of the project, you must send Innosuisse a final scientific report and the financial reports. These are used for quality assurance, financial auditing and impact measurement.

The final review for your project consists of two parts:

a) a standardised substantive final report with information on satisfaction, the success of the project and project benefits, results, market implementation, intellectual property rights, and commercial and/or economic benefits, among other things;

b) a standardised report on project costs, accompanied by all supporting documents relevant for the verification of eligible costs. Changes in the cost structure must be shown and will be accepted in justified cases.

To enter the material costs, please note the document eligible material costs (PDF, 110 kB, 29.01.2024).

The templates will be made available directly in Innolink in Q1 2024.

Impact assessment

Innosuisse collects information after the end of the project so that it can monitor the impact of the projects carried out as part of the start-up innovation project.

For this purpose, you as a grantee provide your annual reports (balance sheet, income statement, notes according to the Swiss Code of Obligations 959 ff.) of the last three complete financial years after project completion. In addition, at the end of the project and up to five years after the end of the project, further information must be made available upon request, for example on the development of the company, the course of the project and the utilisation of the project results and/or satisfaction with the project and the funding process.

Last modification 29.01.2024

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