You can start your innovation project without an implementation partner

Innosuisse funds innovation projects by researchers who have not yet found a partner to implement the result. We particularly provide support for highly innovative yet risky projects.

Has your research work thrown up a great innovative idea with market potential, but you have not yet found a business partner to implement your project on the market? Are you convinced that your scientific findings could be implemented successfully onto the market by a company? 

Innosuisse is here to help: You can still submit your application without an implementation partner initially. 

Innosuisse supports innovation projects without an implementation partner for a maximum of 18 months (if the project is part of the federal funding programme in the field of energy, support may be provided for up to 36 months).

What sort of projects are funded?

  • Projects such as feasibility studies, prototypes and test facilities as well as projects to execute themed funding programmes commissioned by the Federal Council are funded.
  • The project displays a considerable innovation potential and a clear business idea
  • With the current state of research, there is a high risk of the project not succeeding on the market.
  • You intend to try to convince potential implementation partners of the economic benefits of your idea over the next few months
  • Your project staff have the skills required to execute the project.

New applications

Do you meet the requirements?

Then submit your application!

You can submit your application at any time. A decision regarding funding will usually be made within 8 weeks.

More information

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