Innosuisse Start-up Coaching

Innosuisse understands the importance of a diverse and inclusive ecosystem and is working tirelessly to strengthen and further develop the Swiss start-up landscape.

Joining the Innosuisse Start-up Coaching, you can benefit from advice and introductions from a broad network of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. Guided by Innosuisse coaches, you’ll work out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of your start-up. You will also determine the next critical steps and receive recommendations on key milestones that are important to the successful development of your business. It is a valuable opportunity to refine your business model, successfully launch and grow your company, and to expand into new markets.


The Innosuisse Start-up Coaching offers three consecutive programmes with a specific focus and voucher size to match: Initial Coaching as an entry-point, followed by Core Coaching, and Scale-up Coaching for growth-stage businesses. Read more about the individual programmes below and on the programme pages for detailed descriptions of the processes.

Initial Coaching

Initial Coaching is the entry point to the Innosuisse Start-up Coaching. The programme is limited to maximum of six months and gives you the opportunity to expose possible blind spots in your business idea and define an action plan for upcoming challenges. It also prepares you for a potential follow-up coaching at Innosuisse.

Core Coaching

Core Coaching is a follow-up to the Initial Coaching. The programme is limited to a maximum of 36 months and gives you the opportunity to further develop your strategy, structure your organisation, enter the market and get expert advice in relevant topics like IP, financial planning, legal aspects or fund raising.

If you successfully complete the Core Coaching, you can also request the Innosuisse Certificate confirming that your start-up is ready for sustainable growth.

Scale-up Coaching

Scale-up Coaching is a distinct programme aimed at start-ups with very high growth potential and is primarily intended to help them implement their growth strategy.

The programme is split in two phases and limited to a maximum of 24 months. It is an opportunity for you to review and implement your approach, with targeted support to establish scalable processes along with an adapted organisational structure. In addition, you can get help with your networking, financing and internationalisation activities.

It is only possible to apply for this coaching voucher within a valid time period (call period).

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